Which Conditions Can Massage Therapy Help With?

Which Conditions Can Massage Therapy Help With?

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Massage is not just an indulgence. Medicated massage therapy offers more than just relief from sore and fatigued muscles. It is emerging as a reliable treatment for a range of medical conditions, including pain relief in the case of terminal illnesses.

Massage therapy is known to reduce heart rate, stabilize blood pressure, and improve blood circulation, among many other benefits. Moreover, many complex medical conditions that don’t show improvement with OTC medicines and treatments have shown remarkable progress with massage therapy.

Here are some medical conditions that it can help with:

· Massage and Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic musculoskeletal condition that can cause extreme exhaustion and fatigue. It affects approximately 900,000 citizens in the country, which is 3% of the population!

Patients with fibromyalgia report chronic muscle pain and intense sensitivity to pain-triggering stimuli. This can result in sleeplessness, which further aggravates the condition. Massage therapy can help with pain sensitivity and hence, enhances quality of sleep.

· Massage and Cancer

Adolescents with cancer experience a range of problems, including sleep disturbances, fatigue and mood swings. Anxiety is often a by-product of these serious life-threatening illnesses, because living with them is a constant source of stress.

Massage therapy for cancer patients has been shown to lead to marked differences in their levels of anxiety, fatigue, and pain. Not only that, but it also increases sleep duration in patients.

· Massage and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when your nerves become entrapped in the carpal tunnel of the anterior wrist, causing inflammation, pain, and numbness. Patients may also experience tingling and difficulty in holding objects. In some cases, the pain worsens at night, which is a major cause of sleeplessness.

Deep-tissue massage can release stress and access trigger points in the soft shoulder tissues. Since the nerve associated with carpal tunnel originates in the shoulder and neck area, these are the regions that are targeted.

· Massage and Osteoarthritis

About 37% of the population that is older than the age of 20 tested positive for osteoarthritis. This is a serious condition which can lead to permanent disabilities and even joint replacement surgeries. Since this is one of the most common forms of arthritis, you need a reliable treatment plan for it.

A study revealed that massage therapy brought about considerable improvements in 25 patients suffering from this condition. This confirms the benefits of massage therapy for individuals with osteoarthritis.

If you’re dealing with any of these conditions, come to us for massage therapy in Calgary. We offer healthcare treatments like massage therapy and physiotherapy for pain relief and maximum physical rehabilitation.


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