What to Expect after a Spinal Adjustment

What to Expect after a Spinal Adjustment

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A spinal adjustment or a chiropractic adjustment is a controlled amount of pressure that is applied to a vertebra in the spine to relax the area and improve its overall function.

An immense amount of know-how goes into this, so it’s best that you find a licensed therapist near you to perform adjustments.

The procedure is non-surgical, and is usually done by hand. The chiropractor will apply quick pressure with their hands to loosen up joints.

Spinal adjustments are effective in treating chronic back pain— they are also cheaper than a complicated surgical procedure.

After the Adjustment

Your therapist will most likely help you come up with lifestyle changes to prevent further discomfort. These will be personalised to your case.

However, you will notice a few changes after the adjustment:

1. Minor Discomforts

Some patients may feel a bit of soreness about the area where the procedure was performed. This is, however, temporary.

Some patients have also felt a slight high, or exhilaration. This is natural and happens because your nerves are being stimulated.

2. Feeling Good

Most patients say that they feel a lot more relaxed and limber right after the procedure is performed. They also report the pain and discomfort going down within 24 hours.

If they were having trouble walking, or bending down to pick something up, they are likely to feel noticeably better afterwards.

3. Move Cautiously

It is advised to stay active after an adjustment, but one should avoid sudden movements since the muscles will still be sore from the adjustment. There is a tendency for the posture to revert after spine adjustment—it is important to maintain the alignment. This can be done by not doing any strenuous activity.

4. Follow the Doctor’s Orders

You must do as the doctor says to make sure you recover swiftly. One of the things that will be suggested to you is exercise. The doctor will most likely prescribe you exercises that are tailored to the kind of procedure you had done; depending on where it was performed.

The exercises will help you strengthen that area and help prevent further damage in the future. It will further reduce the time your muscles will take in healing.

If you’re someone who struggles with back problems due to poor posture or more serious trauma, then look into spinal adjustments. Make sure you chiropractor is experienced. Our team of chiropractors at Divergent Health Group has been in practice for many years.

If you are looking for chiropractic care in Calgary, then call us at .909.8111, or make an appointment online.


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