What Is Prolotherapy And How Does It Work?

What Is Prolotherapy And How Does It Work?

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Prolotherapy refers to a process in which a natural irritant is injected in an injured part of a person’s body.

Supporters of this method of treatment have claimed that it’s ideal for people who suffer from chronic back pain.

But is that true? Let’s find out:

What Is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is an alternate method of treatment which helps repair broken ligaments. It’s also known as proliferation therapy and regeneration injection therapy.

Prolotherapy is used for fixing injured joints and tissue. It’s also used for treating people who suffer from conditions like arthritis and whiplash.

Some of the areas of your body that can be treated through prolotherapy include your back, knees, hips and hands. The costs of this method of treatment vary. Usually they are around $400 and $1000.

How Can It Treat Joint Pain?

During the treatment process, watery solutions are injected in the affected area. The injections consist of substances like saline and sarapin. It also consists of a numbing agent known as lidocaine.

Injecting the solution in the target site triggers the body’s natural healing process and results in the development of new ligaments and tendon fibers. After some time, the pain and stiffness alleviates and your joints also feel mobile.

Risks Attached With This Treatment

There is less risk attached with this method of treatment than surgery. There’s no need for general anaesthesia. Furthermore, the patients are not even required to stay at the hospital.

There are a few people who have raised concerns regarding risks attached to this form of treatment. They have argued that prolotherapy results in build up of sugar molecules in your joints. This subsequently damages joint tissues.

There is also a possibility of infections after this treatment, which can  be addressed through OTC antibiotics.

How Do You Prepare For The Process?

Before you approach a doctor for treatment, you will first need to get x-rays done. The doctors will take a look at the diagnostic images and determine the extent of damage.

They will also clean your skin with alcohol and apply lidocaine at the injection site in order to reduce pain. In extreme cases, the doctor might even sedate you.

Before opting for this treatment, you’ll also need to eat a protein rich meal. In addition to that, you’ll also need to cut down on any kind of inflammatory medication that you have been taking.

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