The Worst Sports Injuries Ever!

The Worst Sports Injuries Ever!

Basketball fans must have heard the name Gordon Hayward. The man plays for Boston Celtics and just recently made his triumphant return to the sport after a gruesome injury.

He broke his foot in a scary injury back in 2017 in the season opener and it was not a pretty sight. In fact, according to a lot of people, it was one of the worst injuries in the history of the sport.

Athletes and Injuries

Hayward is not the first athlete to be injured on the court (or the field). There are countless others like him. In fact, injuries are a part of sports. Some of them are minor. However, there are others which cut short careers. Let’s take a look at some of these:

Gordon Hayward’s Fractured Tibia

Since we were talking about Gordon Hayward, so let’s start with him. He was playing his first season game with Boston Celtics in which he dislocated his ankle and suffered from a fractured tibia.

He had just recently become a part of the Celtics after spending seven years with Utah and injury put him on the shelf for the entire season.

Jon Theismann’s Broken Leg

Football is an aggressive sport and the chances of athletes getting injured are very high. However, nothing comes close to the injury that Jon Theismann sustained during a game back in 1985.

Theismann broke his leg when he was tackled by Lawrence Taylor. It was a serious injury and it ended Theismann’s career.

Clink Malarchuk’s Jugular

March 22, 1989 is a date that is forever etched in the minds of NFL fans. That’s because this was the day when they witnessed one of the scariest injuries in the history of the sport.

What happened was that a skate blade caught Malarchuk in the neck and cut his jugular vein. The blood went pouring out on the ice.

According to reports, Malarchuk lost one-third of his blood in the incident. He also needed 300 stitches in order to close the wound. Fortunately for him, the cut was higher on the neck otherwise he could have lost his life as well.

Miraculously, Malarchuk returned after just 11 days and went on to play for three more seasons.

Kevin Ware Fracture

Kevin Ware suffered a serious injury back in 2013 when he landed awkwardly on his leg while trying to block a shot. He suffered from a compound fracture of tibia and was shelved for quite some time after the injury.

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