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Enjoy your favourite sports without the injuries!

Sports injuries are extremely common. Whether you enjoy playing football or if tennis is your cup of tea, there is always a chance of injury. Sports injuries can include anything from hairline fractures to ruptured tendons and poor form or posture can contribute to their chances of occurring.
Even though sports injuries are common and can affect players of practically every sport under the sun, sports injuries are usually misdiagnosed due to the lack of experience or incompetence. As a result, some sensitive cases of sports injuries are treated in the wrong way and worsened only because of the lack of professionalism.

At Divergent Healthcare, we prioritize the health and safety of our patients and visitors more than anything else which is why our in-house doctors, physical therapists and medical practitioners perform proper diagnosis before sharing possible treatment plans with you.
Our multidisciplinary expertise combined with our love to do things differently allows us to deal with every problem in a number of different ways at our pain relief clinic in Calgary. Our team of professionals will, therefore, lay down the options before you and tell you how they differ from each other so that you have a say in your treatment plan and all fully content with our services.

Owing to years of training and hands-on experience, the practitioners and doctors at Divergent Healthcare will not only provide you with the right options to restore functionality and reduce inflammation, but they will also educate you about the causes of the injury and what you can do to prevent such injuries in the future.

We understand your love for your favourite sports and wish – as much as you – to see you playing them again which is why our experts will also tell you when you can return to your favourite activities based on your treatment plan of choice and the progress you have made.

Ready to improve functionality and get back to playing your favourite sports? Give us a call at 403.909.8111 and let our team of professionals take care of your sports injuries today!

  • Conditions that we treat are:

    -Whiplash Injuries

    -Soccer Injuries

    -Running Injuries



    -Tennis Elbow/Golfers Elbow


    -Neck Pain

    -Back Pain

    -Repetitive Injuries

    -Plantar Fasciitis

orthotic shoes plantar fasciitis

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