Social Consequences of Chronic Pain Conditions

Social Consequences of Chronic Pain Conditions

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Chronic pain conditions have a debilitating impact on every aspect of your life. Be it back pain or arthritis, your overall health and happiness are going to be affected. This includes your social life as well.

Whether it’s work, school, or a dinner party, chronic conditions have an overbearing presence that shadows you everywhere you go. It’s essential to understand how damaging these can be and to take the necessary actions to prevent/treat them.

Here are some social consequences of chronic conditions.

Family Life

Family is the single most important support system in most of our lives. Sadly, chronic pain conditions can affect the happiness of your family.

In the most severe cases, the patient may be bed-ridden and require supervision 24/7. This not only interrupts the schedules of other family members, but also means no family vacations or outings.

This dampens your happiness and may start feeling like a familial burden, not just a personal one. Treatment will improve your physical symptoms, as well as your family’s emotional health.

Friends are like family. This means you have to make an effort to meet them. Showing friends you still care about them requires regular outings, birthday wishes, and the like.

However, it can become cumbersome to set plans in motion when you’re immobilized by your condition. It’s practically impossible to get out of bed and make a trip to a diner for drinks with friends when your back is killing you.

Not to mention that living with a chronic condition leaves you unable to engage with them. Sickness can be as trying a time for friendships as it is for family bonds.

Work Progress

If your workplace accommodates your medical needs, consider yourself lucky. But not all companies are accommodating when it comes to employees with chronic pain conditions.

There are many reasons for this. Having an illness means unannounced absences, frequent medical leaves, hospitalization bills, inflexibility and a general fall in work quality.

Regardless of how committed you are to your career, your condition governs your ability to give it your all. It’s not humanly possible for a person with chronic pain to work the same hours as everyone else.

Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional wellbeing is a non-negotiable part of happy living. Unfortunately, chronic ailments have a grave impact on your emotional stability.

No matter how much you try, it’s difficult to have a positive outlook when everything seems to be crumbling. Chronic conditions come with chronic blues that don’t go away. You need relief that’s as major as the pain.

Since your mood depends on your mental health, you’ll experience severe mood swings. It’s common to see patients of chronic back pain or terminal illnesses become perpetually pessimistic. This can also aggravate their condition because it means a loss of will power, which further weakens immunity.

If you’re suffering from such a condition and want to improve your quality of life, come to us. We have a pain treatment center in Calgary where we treat chronic pain conditions.


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