How to Cope With Sports Injuries Emotionally

How to Cope With Sports Injuries Emotionally

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Of all the qualities a great sportsperson has, the most important is the ability to get back up after you’ve been pushed to the ground. If your sport is your passion, nothing can hold you back—not even a sports injury.

But that doesn’t change the fact that sports injuries are very common. Just in 2017, 17,655 Canadians landed in the hospital for sports-related injuries. What’s worse, they’re not only a painful ordeal, but they’re difficult to deal with emotionally.

Here are some tips to help you get through the recovery process:

Use your mind to heal your body

The day you let your injury get to your head is the day you lose to it. While dealing with the emotional stress of an injury is hard, it’s not impossible; just like playing against a tough team.

Engage yourself in activities that relax and help you take your mind off the pain. The longer you think about it, the more it’ll affect you. What specific activities you engage in depends on the nature of your injury and what resonates with you; anything that facilitates a healthier outlook will do.

Moreover, don’t isolate yourself from your team and coaches. Doing so will make you feel like you’re losing out and you may end up feeling worse. Even if you can’t play, you can always give them advice and moral support from the sidelines.

Maintain your fitness regimen during the injury

While you do need proper rest during the recovery period, that doesn’t mean you should ignore your fitness.

Your new workout schedule will depend upon the exact nature of your injury. Speak to your trainer and ask them about the kind of workouts that are safe. If the physician hasn’t allowed you to run, maybe you can try swimming. Make sure you pair your modified workout schedule with a balanced diet, though. This is because you need to keep yourself nourished so the injury will heal faster.

On that note, workouts nourish you emotionally. They help restore your self-confidence and emotional wellbeing. Research has proven that working out also helps you cope with the symptoms of anxiety and stress and boosts your mood.

Get support

Getting support only means you want to get better. When it comes to sports injuries, you can always speak to other athletes who have been in similar situations and came out strong. Speaking to people with similar experiences gives you hope and reassurance.

Another great option is to seek help from a therapist. Therapists listen to you and help you not feel discouraged through a variety of practices, such as cognitive behavioural therapy. Talk about it to let go of what’s burdening you.

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