Here Are Signs of a Pinched Nerve!

Pro Tip: Never Ignore a Pinched Nerve. Here Are Signs of a Pinched Nerve!

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The word ‘pinch’ never means anything good, in medical terms. Be it a pinching sensation of getting injection shots or a pinched nerve, pinch means danger.

A pinched nerve happens when a nerve is under excessive pressure. The affected nerve can be around muscles, tendons, cartilage or bones. Since nerves are responsible for carrying messages from the brain to various parts of the body, damage incurred on the nervous system impairs the function of delivering signals. The end result is extreme pain (in severe cases) and myriad other side-effects.

Pregnancy or weight gain otherwise can heighten the risk of compressed nerves because the swelling can constrict nerve pathways. In any case, it’s extremely important that you not ignore signs of pinched nerve. Here are some signs of pinched nerves.

You have Pins and Needles

Your sensory nerves are responsible for conveying sensory data collected through sensory experiences to your brain. Since nerves transmit signals from one place to another, a blockage can result in the manifestation of symptoms like feeling pins and needles. This sensation is a sign of a compressed sensory nerve and indicates that you need to seek help immediately.

Numbness in one part of the body

Ever feel your limbs going limp when you stand up after long hours of sitting? Numbness in any part of the body occurs because of constricted blood flow to that region. Deprived of oxygenated blood, your nerve cells don’t have enough oxygen to fulfill their duties and fire signals. The result is numbness or reduced sensation in that part of the body. Pinched nerves is a condition that can be detected with the help of this symptom.

Sharp, burning pain

Inflammation of the nerves can cause searing pain which radiates outward. This is a clear sign of a pinched nerve! However, the location of pain may not be the area where the nerve is compressed. This is because your nerve may be compressed at some other point and you’re feeling pain where the nerve ends. A common example of this phenomenon is sciatica pain which originates in the lower back and shoots down the limbs.

If you’re experiencing any such symptoms, come to us immediately.

We’re a chronic pain management clinic in Calgary and can help relieve pain in case of pinched nerves. Come to us.


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