Everything To Know About Hip Pain

Everything To Know About Hip Pain

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Hip pain can be extremely debilitating. From being unable to do lift heavy objects to undertaking daily chores, it can feel you feeling drained and exhausted.

If you think you might be experiencing hip pain, here are some things that you should know:

What Is The Basic Anatomy Of The Hip?

Your hip is an enormous ball-and-socket joint. The ball joint is your femoral bone and the socket is your pelvic or acetabulum bone. This joint is protected by a smooth white tissue covering—the cartilage—which enables you to move your hip easily.

Understanding Hip Pain

Hip pain occurs when you experience painful discomfort in or around the hip joint area. However, it’s useful to know that hip pain can be delocalized; you may experience pain in your knees, thighs or groin area.

Symptoms Of The Hip Pain

There are certain symptoms associated with hip pain:

  • Pain in the joint area,
  • Pain in the groin region,
  • Limping,
  • Tenderness in the hip area,
  • Extreme discomfort while sleeping on the hip,
  • Swelling over the hip area.

Two Different Locations Of The Hip Pain

Before delving into the causes of hip pain, it’s useful to highlight the two different locations where hip pain can occur. Anterior and posterior hip pain occur due to different reasons.  Therefore, if you experience painful discomfort on the inside of the hip, it’s anterior hip pain. On the other hand, if the pain’s felt on the outside of the hip, then it’s the posterior hip pain.

Causes Of The Anterior Hip Pain

If you’re experiencing pain on the inside of the hip, then the following can be the causes:

Hip Fracture: A hip fracture occurs when the upper quarter of your thigh bone suffers a break due to an accident, injury, or other medical condition. When that happens, you can experience acute pain in your hip joint, making going about daily tasks a painful experience.

Hip Fracture

Osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis is when the cartilage in your hip joint wears away over time, either owing to age or a previous injury of the hip. When your cartilage begins to disintegrate and fray with the passage of time, the bones start coming in close contact with each other. This can prompt a dull aching pain in your anterior hip area.

Causes Of The Posterior Hip Pain

Pain in the buttock region or outside of the hip can be caused by either of the following:

Strain In The Hamstring Muscle:  Sometimes, your hamstring muscle can get strained as a result of a quick pull to the muscle. When that occurs, you can feel pain outside the hip, as your hamstring muscle’s located around the area of the hip joint.

Deep Gluteal Syndrome: Deep Gluteal syndrome is triggered when the sciatic nerve in your body becomes irritated by piriformis. This muscle is located near the upper part of your hip joint. Therefore, when it becomes irritated, you can start to feel a burning pain in your posterior hip region.

Treatment Options For Hip Pain

If you find that hip pain is incapacitating your daily routine, you can try at-home treatment for quick relief. For instance, you can try either cold or hot packs to relieve the dull aching throb in your hip area or try stretching exercises. However, if that doesn’t help ease the pain, you might need to visit a healthcare professional. They’ll run a couple of tests to decide which specific treatment plan to go for.

How To Live A Pain-Free Life?

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