Effects of Chronic Pain on Your Mental Health

Effects of Chronic Pain on Your Mental Health

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Any pain lasting for more than 12 weeks is categorized as chronic pain. Chronic pain is disturbingly common in Canada. According to official statistics, every 1 person out of 10 in Canada experiences chronic pain.

There can be various causes. An initial physical injury can lead to chronic pain; some ongoing illnesses can turn into chronic pain; prolonged depression can lead to chronic pain; in some cases, a clear cause cannot be identified.

The physical pain itself can be excruciating but chronic pain can also cause some serious mental health problems.

According to studies, 30–50% of people suffering from chronic pain also consequently suffer from anxiety and depression.

Why Does It Lead to Depression?

Chronic pain changes your life completely; it changes your routine and habits for the worst. You can’t sleep well, you don’t have a healthy appetite anymore, you perpetually lack energy, you lose interest in almost everything you previously valued, and you have a nagging feeling of guilt and despair for your condition.

Most of all, chronic pain restricts your mobility. You can no longer take a walk in the beautiful park by your home; you cannot travel to your dream destinations and you can’t go out with your loved ones on a daily basis. You even lose interest in enjoyable in-door activities like meditation, video games and watching TV, etc.

All these factors may eventually lead to depression. Thus, it’s established that chronic pain is not just a physical condition but has a great indirect impact on your emotional and mental well-being.

What to do?

Chronic pain and depression can become the bane of anyone’s life. You need to get rid of both. Since depression may follow chronic pain, the root cause must be addressed.

Here at Divergent Health Group, we believe that “health is the greatest wealth.” If you’re suffering from chronic pain, we’ve got you covered.

Our Chronic Pain Program aims to alleviate your pain and its symptoms. As a multi-disciplinary clinic, we offer innovative healthcare solutions focused on overall health and wellbeing. Get an appointment now; we’re here for you.


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