Breaking Habits: Cracking Joints and Knuckles

Breaking Habits: Cracking Joints and Knuckles

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How many times have you caught yourself cracking your knuckles while thinking about something stressful? Probably more times than you can count.

Occupying your hands to distract your mind from a stressful thought or a task at hand is a common habit. Many people rely on cracking their joints to get through the day, without realizing how badly it’s affecting their health. A 54% majority does it because of nervousness, addiction to the cracking sounds, stress, out of habit or other reasons.

Dangers of Knuckle-Cracking

One of the many hazards of cracking your knuckles regularly is painful swelling. It can also distort the shape of your joint by damaging the ligaments around it. If you notice your fingers swelling up, it’s advised to consult a doctor ASAP. However, you shouldn’t be waiting for the condition to get that bad to try and quit this habit.

Here are some useful tips for avoiding this unhealthy habit.

Notice When you start Cracking Your Joints

The best way to treat a problem is to discover its root cause and address the underlying issues. Similarly, in this case, it’ll be helpful if you keep a mental record of every time you notice yourself cracking your knuckles. This will help you trace the thoughts or tasks that trigger this habit. It may be while you’re under pressure at a peak work hour or during a stressful personal experience. Identify your triggers and try to actively avoid indulging in this habit when the situation arises.

Find Alternatives to Relieve Stress

Many people are under the impression that cracking knuckles reduces stress. While this may or may not be true, it’s definitely not a healthy way to relieve stress. Apart from the medical red flags, it’s a socially unappealing habit that can aggravate people in your vicinity, especially in work environments. This is why it’s better to engage in alternatives such as deep breathing, mindfulness exercises and yoga to keep your mind off of negative thoughts.

Occupy Your Hands Some other Way

If you’re in a habit of fidgeting with your hands, you’re quite likely to start cracking your knuckles. It’s better to realize this now and occupy your hands some other way. Use a stress ball to squeeze whenever you feel anxious, rub a worry stone or pop a bubble wrap. These are good distractions that occupy your hands in an engaging activity and prevent you from cracking your knuckles.

However, as stated above, it’s important to address the stressors first. Stress is a main cause of health concerns and we’re here to help bring down the risk of illnesses.

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