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A Little Bit About Us

We aim to help you get fit and healthy

We at Divergent Health Group understand that you are tired of trying out options for solutions that don’t really work. Unlike other health groups and clinics claiming that they have elixirs at their disposal, we work differently.

Experienced in multiple disciplines, we analyse the problems of our patients and work together with them to discuss possible treatments and the best course of action. With a mission to alleviate the pain of our patients and get them back on our feet, we offer the best solutions possible with professional advice from our team of highly skilled doctors, chiropractors, medical practitioners, and physical therapists.

Chiropractic Practitioners D.C.

Worried that you might have a musculoskeletal problem? Our chiropractic practitioners can accurately  diagnose problems and conditions associated with the musculoskeletal system accurately and can help alleviate your pain in no time!

Physical Therapists

Our team of physical therapists at Divergent Health Group can offer consultations and assist patients with strengthening and conditioning programs to guarantee that they don’t face any problems in the long run.  A crucial part in recovery!

Medical Practitioners M.D.

At Divergent Health Group, we work together with medical practitioners to ensure that the best care is being provided to our patients.  This is why we have collaborated with medical practitioners when medical intervention may be required.  Our Medical Practitioners are also highly trained in regenerative injection therapy.

Expert Healthcare

If you’re suffering from chronic pain or a physical problem, the health and stability of our patients is of utmost priority. This is why our team of professionals works together with the patient so that they understand what is going and what is the best course of action.  We also encourage our patients to have a say in their treatment plans.  The end goal is to provide a better quality of life.

Our simple three step process can help you become the best version of yourself as you are relieved of your pain. All you have to do is:

  • Come in for a complimentary consultation.  A second opinion never hurts
  • Discuss treatment options with our professionals after an accurate diagnosis
  • Start the treatment program that is best suited to regain your health and stability

Divergent Health Values

Our Mission

To be an independent, comprehensive and innovative primary pain clinic of choice for our community.


To provide the most comprehensive, quality, and accessible pain management services to our community.


To provide the best possible care and treatment to our patients.

Convinced? Give us a call at 403-909-8111 and say goodbye to your pains and problems once and for all!



Lower back pain was something that I never had to deal with. That’s until I started my new job, which required me to stay at my work station for a large part of the day. The constant pain made even daily tasks exhausting and started affecting my quality of life. I searched the internet for treatment options, and that’s when I came across shockwave therapy. I scheduled an appointment at Divergent Health, and their experts assured me that the procedure was completely safe. It’s now been two months since the treatment and I couldn’t happier with the results!
Kaitlyn C.