5 Shocking Myths about Shockwave Therapy You Shouldn’t Believe!

5 Shocking Myths about Shockwave Therapy You Shouldn’t Believe!

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Are you suffering from chronic pain in your lower back, neck, feet, or your elbow and ankle joints? Have you tried traditional pain relief methods but nothing has helped so far?

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably heard of shockwave therapy. But are you unable to decide if you want to opt for it? Are you afraid because of all the myths surrounding it?

We’ll walk you through some myths about shockwave therapy that you shouldn’t believe so you can make a more informed decision.

It’s harmful to the body!

According to a study conducted by the National Institute of Health, shockwave therapy is absolutely safe. It’s been used for over 2 decades for treating orthopaedic conditions and has no known side-effects.

However, it isn’t advisable for pregnant women, cardiac patients, and epileptic patients to get shockwave therapy.

It takes a long time to recover from

When people hear about shockwave therapy, they think it’ll make them weak or they’ll faint after it. But it isn’t like that. It’s a short, non-surgical procedure that’s performed outside of the body. It’s non-invasive, which means it doesn’t require a long recovery period. You don’t have to take leave from your work or delay any personal commitments.

Some people might feel a slight pain following the procedure; for their comfort, local anaesthesia can be given.

It makes your hair fall and causes memory loss

The procedure impacts neither your hair nor your memory. During the treatment, shockwaves are gently given to the painful region using a medical device to reduce pain and heal the affected tissue.

It’s not effective

Shockwave therapy is used across the globe and has shown tremendous success for treating various musculoskeletal conditions. Various studies have documented its success from 70% to 80%. A study published in The American Journal of Sports Medicine stated that it reduces pain, and improves quality of life.

It’s very expensive

It’s not as expensive as you might have imagined. Leaving pain unattended can cost you more money than shockwave therapy. It saves you from expensive surgeries. The cost depends on the number of sessions that the doctor will recommend after the examination.

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I thought I was going to have to deal with plantar fasciitis for the rest of my life. I had done all the recommended steps from orthotics, icing, stretching, massage…nothing worked. I saw Jason. He said 5 treatments with shockwave therapy should significantly improve the problem. I said no way. In a way, I was right-it took 6 treatments but I’m pain free. Amazing. Great service and a product that works.
Thank you to Dr. Nanda and his great team of specialist for taking care me. Very friendly and knowledgable!
Here is what I say about my shock treatments. I have had chronic back pain for over 40 years. Nothing has worked for me and I have tried many, many types of back treatments. Nothing worked. I was going to go for laser spine surgery. Divergent was going to be my last “try” before laser surgery. I went in with absolutely NO expectations. I had one treatment, walked out thinking “okay, my back doesn’t hurt but that won’t last.” Well guess what? It works!!!! I have had 5 treatments since May, 2017 and I have no back pain. None! Without Divergent and Dr. Jason, my life would still be a painful one. Jason, you have saved me. Anyone with any pain needs to go to Divergent. With many thanks to all of you.
I have been suffering with Plantar Fasciitis in both of my feet for over a year now and the pain was just too unbearable to deal with. I did all the recommended stretching, icing and other treatments that just didn’t help. So, I said enough is enough as I deserve to feel better than this and made the appointment at Divergent Health Care.


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