4 Common Symptoms of Vitamin Deficiencies

4 Common Symptoms of Vitamin Deficiencies

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Eating junk food and not having a balanced diet deprives your body of the necessary nutrients.

Vitamin deficiencies can surface in the shape of many symptoms that we often overlook or ignore as minor inconveniences.

It’s important to pay heed to these symptoms because that’s the way your body communicates a concern to you.

This blog will list some common symptoms of vitamin deficiencies. Keep your eyes open for these red flags!

Brittle Hair and Nails

Do you feel mad when a freshly painted and filed fingernail chips off? Everyone does. But here the problem is more than a broken nail looking bad with the remaining nine perfectly trimmed nails.

If your nails have become severely brittle and sensitive to breakage, that’s because of lack of biotin or vitamin B7. This vitamin functions to convert food into energy and the lack of it can result in weak nails and hair.

If you’re B7-deficient, you may also feel unusual fatigue, muscle pain, and tingling in your limbs.

Cracked Corners of the Mouth

These lesions are more of a health concern than a vanity issue. A study revealed that people who have had a case of mouth ulcers more times than twice might have dangerously low levels of iron. Mouth ulcers have also been linked to deficiencies of vitamin B1, B2 and B6.

Chronic Pain

If you’re experiencing such cracks near your mouth, add whole grains, fish, poultry, meat and greens to your diet.

Bleeding Gums

Aggressive brushing is not always the cause of bleeding gums. It could probably be because you lack vitamin C. Because vitamin C acts as a healer and an antioxidant, it works to prevent cell damage and strengthens immunity.

Since your anatomy is incapable of producing vitamin C on its own, you need to balance your diet to include dietary supplements: fruits and vegetables.

Severe lack of vitamin C can even lead to tooth loss, so get yourself checked before it’s too late!

Poor Night Vision

You don’t want to retire from driving at night if you live independently. But if you have poor night vision, you may have to take the backseat—literally.

Lack of vitamin A can cause night blindness and can make it dangerous to move around in the dark.

Don’t leave your vitamin A deficiency untreated or you might contract xerophthalmia: damaged cornea leading to ultimate blindness.

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