4 Activities To Minimize Back Pain

4 Activities To Minimize Back Pain

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There are hundreds of treatments available for back pain, but wouldn’t it be amazing if the treatment process was actually something we enjoyed? Turns out, there are many recreational activities you can take part in to treat your condition.

Back pain is one of the most common chronic conditions in Canada, with 4 out of 5 adults experiencing at least one episode of severe back pain in their lives.

Treatment ranges from prescribed pain medications to chiropractic care. But here are 4 activities you can incorporate into your lifestyle that can ease your back pain.


We all have that one friend who just can’t stop raving about the benefits of yoga. Well, now’s a good time to finally start listening to them. Yoga poses engage your back muscles and build a stronger foundation for your movements, which eases back pain.

Yoga provides the perfect alternative to high intensity sports that can put a toll on your body. However, it’s important that you take it slow when you’re starting yoga and not try to pull off difficult poses in your first week.

Flexibility takes time to build but once you get the hang of it, yoga can be very enjoyable. Regular yoga practice has been known to decrease pain.


Light cardio exercises such as cycling are a great way to ease back pain. While the leaning position we take while riding a bike can look overwhelming, it actually helps reduce the pressure on our spine and is easier on our back compared to running.

You should look to avoid rough terrains though, as sudden jarring movements can cause injury. Try a stationary cycling machine or better, join a spin class!


If you feel a jog would be too stressful for your back, incorporate a fast-paced walk into your routine. This is especially recommended for those with jobs that require them to be a stuck at a desk for hours, as research shows up to 85% of working people will experience back pain at some point in their lives.

Walking is a simple, effective exercise that’s not only good for your back but also for your heart. It’s important to remember to walk with a good posture as that will improve your stability, work your core muscles, and even help you lose weight!


Don’t you love how light you feel in a swimming pool? That’s because the water is supporting most of your body weight. This is what makes swimming a great option for people who are looking for a relaxing activity that makes them forget about their back pain for a while.

Swimming puts virtually no stress on your back and even helps build muscles without the risk of injury. Due to its low-impact nature, doctors often recommend swimming for people with arthritis and sciatica.

Back pain should never stop you from engaging in recreational activities to blow off steam. However, if you feel that your condition is serious, visit us at Divergent Health.

We’re a chiropractic care center that specializes in chronic pain management in Calgary. From massage therapy to shockwave therapy, we provide premium care at affordable prices. Reach out to us at 403.909.8111 to book an appointment.


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