3 Reasons Why Athletes Need to Pay a Visit to the Kinesiologist

3 Reasons Why Athletes Need to Pay a Visit to the Kinesiologist

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Kinesiology is the study of human kinetics, or human movement. Professional kinesiologists incorporate this science into promoting health and wellbeing. Because their field has so much to do with human locomotion and preventing and rehabilitating injuries, these specialists are particularly resourceful to athletes.

But they don’t just work with athletes; kinesiologists work with people of all ages and abilities. They improve our quality of life by facilitating physical activity.

Here are a few reasons why athletes should visit a kinesiologist:

Enhanced Movement

Kinesiology benefits athletes by improving their oxygen and lymph circulation. This significantly decreases the chances of them sustaining sports injuries. Active individuals are more prone to musculoskeletal injuries while playing contact sports. Kinesiology significantly reduces muscle soreness and facilitates the quicker recovery of muscles.

According to data found by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, 711 Canadians were hospitalized while taking part in the national pastime—hockey.

Kinesiology is known to improve physical performance. It enhances your range of motion and overall flexibility.

Combats fatigue

Athletes undergo intense training, which leaves them exhausted. Severe fatigue may render them incapable of any sort of physical exertion. Kinesiology focuses on what is lacking—the parts that are not performing to the best of their capabilities—in your body.

Moreover, an experienced kinesiologist can use muscle testing to investigate where imbalances in the body lie. Once you know this, corrections can be made to put things back into balance.

Chronic Anxiety and Stress

Professional athletes feel extreme pressure to perform well during game seasons. This can lead to unmanaged stress and anxiety that are detrimental to their overall health and social relationships.

Anxiety manifests itself in fear and self-doubt. This results in poor performance. You can work with your kinesiologist to define the causes of your stress and anxiety and strategise therapies to help you cope with them better.

While this blog addresses reasons why athletes should go see a kinesiologist, it’s not limited to them. Kinesiology aids anybody in need. People looking for effective ways to better their lives by minimising stress and other chronic pains may benefit from kinesiology.

If you’re an athlete, or someone who is having trouble managing stress, chronic fatigue or musculoskeletal injuries, it’s best that you seek professional help.  Divergent Health Group has been offering services in kinesiology in Calgary, Alberta.

Additional services we offer include paternity tests, physiotherapy and chiropractic therapy.   To book an appointment, call us at 403.909.8111, or make an appointment online.


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