3 Best Sleeping Positions For Lower Back Pain

3 Best Sleeping Positions For Lower Back Pain

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According to the Global Burden of Disease report, lower back pain is the principal cause of disability across the globe.

The condition affects the way we live on a daily basis, touching every aspect of our lives.

One of these activities is sleep.

To help you overcome the effects of lower back pain so you can lead a more fulfilling life, our experts have outlined three great sleeping positions.

Pillow between your knees

If sleeping on your back is uncomfortable for you, turn over to the side. Make sure your shoulder and the rest of the body are in contact with the mattress. Keep a pillow between your knees to ensure proper hips, pelvis, and spinal alignment.

If you feel a space between the mattress and your waist, consider adding a small cushion there too. Regardless of how many pillows you use, switch sides every day or two to prevent issues such as muscle imbalance and scoliosis.

Fetal position on the side

For patients suffering from a herniated disc, our expert chiropractors recommend sleeping on the side in a fetal position. Roll over to the side and pull your knees up. This allows your torso to curl naturally and opens up space between vertebrae.

Herniation occurs when the discs in your spine are pushed out of their normal position. This posture allows you to prevent the pain and weakness caused by herniation. As with the previous position, change sides often to avoid muscle imbalance.

Pillow under your knees

For some people, sleeping on their back is the best way to relieve pain. Sleeping on your back is optimal because it allows your weight to be evenly distributed along the largest surface of your body.

However, it is important to keep your spine neutral when lying on your back. Elevating your knees can keep the curve in your back and give you better overall alignment. You can also keep a small, rolled-up towel under your knees for similar results.

Experiencing lower back pain?

If you’re experiencing frequent, chronic back pain, it’s best to consult a specialist.

At Divergent Health, we offer chronic pain management options in Calgary. Our back pain treatment specialists excel at employing a variety of non-invasive techniques to design a treatment plan especially for you.

For more information, message us or call 403-909-8111.


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