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Effective treatment options for chronic pain and sporting injuries

Unlike most clinics in Calgary, we work differently. With effective treatment options for chronic pain and sporting injuries and multiple genetic testing services, we have won the hearts of countless people who rightfully claim that Divergent Healthcare is one of the best clinics in Calgary.
Read on to find out about the services we offer and how Divergent Healthcare works differently than the rest.


At Divergent Healthcare, we believe in innovation and using the best and most effective methods for pain relief. Our team of professionals will not only be able to provide you with the best options according to your problem, disease or condition, but we will also tell you the difference between each one of them to help you choose the best treatment option for yourself.

Shockwave therapy is a unique procedure that can be used to relieve pain caused by a number of conditions and disorders.
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Countless people in Calgary suffer from foot problems. The alignment and pressure on your feet is checked using our Gait Scan System to see where the problem lies.
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Since we love doing things differently, we offer laser therapy solutions for our customers and clients at Divergent Healthcare.
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At Divergent Healthcare, we offer both accredited legal and non-legal paternity testing services.
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Back pain is a condition that troubles countless people in Calgary. At Divergent Healthcare, we offer a variety of treatment options to help relieve you from debilitating pain and allow you to perform daily activities without any problems.
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Interested in finding out about your genetic makeup? With our DNA testing services, you can not only find out everything you need to know about your genetic makeup
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At Divergent Health, we do things differently. With our in-house chiropractic practitioners, medical practitioners, and physical therapists, we devise the perfect treatment program for you, using top-of-the-line technology for a variety of conditions.

Chronic and acute back pain affects most of the population. Back pain is primarily caused by issues in the discs, joints, or surrounding tissue.

At Divergent Health, our expert practitioners employ state-of-the-art technology to produce long-lasting and effective results. Some of the technologies we use are: shockwave therapy, prolotherapy, and chiropractic, among others.

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Neck pain is an inevitable outcome of a modern lifestyle, especially for desk workers.

We provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients after determining the cause of their pain. Our multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals can provide long-term relief from your chronic neck pain. Visit our multidisciplinary clinic for instant relief.

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Chronic inflammation is one of the most prevalent problems pertaining to feet.

At Divergent Health, we’re committed to using modern technology to relieve your pain. We are the only clinic in Calgary that uses shockwave therapy and FX 635 technology to produce effective results instantaneously.

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Whether you’re playing sports or lifting heavy objects, your shoulder undergoes a wide range of motions that make it vulnerable to injuries.

We provide safe and effective evidence-based treatments for your shoulder pain using a multidisciplinary approach. Among a combination of interventions that produce effective results, we use laser therapy, prolotherapy, physiotherapy, posture correction, and chiropractic.

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Knee pain—whether chronic or acute—can hinder an active lifestyle. It could be caused by an injury or due to other causes.

The safe and effective services provided by Divergent Health to relieve this musculoskeletal pain use a range of top-of-the-line technologies to effectively treat it.

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Stress, repetitive movements, or a sporting injury can cause excruciating pain in your elbow, hindering your daily activities.

We, at Divergent Health, provide medical assistance to get rid of this pain and discomfort. Our multidisciplinary clinic specializes in using the latest technologies to treat musculoskeletal disorders. Visit our clinic for a complimentary consultation.

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Wrist pain can get in the way of your everyday tasks and may be caused by excessive stress, repetitive movements, or poor posture.

Our treatment services are one of the best in Calgary, providing immediate relief that lasts for a long time. Whether you have a wrist fracture or carpal tunnel syndrome, Divergent Health’s multitude of professionals can provide a treatment plan that suits you best.

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Aging, arthritis, or sports injuries can lead to debilitating hip pain. If you want to relieve the pain and continue your daily activities, Divergent Health specializes in a range of treatment options.

Our experts walk you through the journey of diagnosis and treatment. Some of our treatments include: platelet rich plasma, chiropractic, nutritional support, custom orthotics, and physiotherapy.

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Headaches can prevent you from carrying out your daily activities, causing distress and discomfort. Whether its migraines or tension headaches, the experts at Divergent Health can diagnose and alleviate the symptoms you are experiencing.

For a long-term, multidisciplinary solution to this recurring problem, visit our clinic and consult one of our many professionals.

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Experienced in multiple disciplines, we analyse the problems of our patients and work together with them to discuss possible treatments and the best course of action. With a mission to alleviate the pain of our patients and get them back on our feet, we offer the best solutions possible with professional advice from our team of highly skilled doctors, chiropractors, medical practitioners, and physical therapists.

Medical Practitioners M.D.

At Divergent Health Group, we work together with medical practitioners to ensure that the best care is being provided to our patients and to prescribe medication to our valuable patients if necessary.

Chiropractic Practitioners D.C.

Worried that you might have a musculoskeletal problem? Out chiropractic practitioners diagnose problems and conditions of the musculoskeletal system accurately and can help reduce your pain in no time!

Physical Therapists

Our team of physical therapists at Divergent Health Group can offer consultation and assist patients with strengthening and conditioning to guarantee that they don’t face any problems in the long run.


“Here is what I say about my shock treatments. I have had chronic back pain for over 40 years. Nothing has worked for me and I have tried many, many types of back treatments. Nothing worked. I was going to go for laser spine surgery. Divergent was going to be my last “try” before laser surgery. I went in with absolutely NO expectations. I had one treatment, walked out thinking “okay, my back doesn’t hurt but that won’t last.” Well guess what? It works!!!! I have had 5 treatments since May, 2017 and I have no back pain. None! Without Divergent and Dr. Jason, my life would still be a painful one. Jason, you have saved me. Anyone with any pain needs to go to Divergent. With many thanks to all of you.”

Karri Ferguson



Lower back pain was something that I never had to deal with. That’s until I started my new job, which required me to stay at my work station for a large part of the day. The constant pain made even daily tasks exhausting and started affecting my quality of life. I searched the internet for treatment options, and that’s when I came across shockwave therapy. I scheduled an appointment at Divergent Health, and their experts assured me that the procedure was completely safe. It’s now been two months since the treatment and I couldn’t happier with the results!
Kaitlyn C.